Figures for the Textbook

Included here here, for your convenience and to show the versions with color, are PDF versions of the figures and illustrations from the textbook.

The figures will be displayed in a separate window so you can select from this window and view in the other window.

Chapter 1

1-1.pdf    1-2.pdf    1-3.pdf    1-4.pdf    1-6.pdf    1-7.pdf

Chapter 2

2-1.pdf    2-2.pdf    2-3.pdf    2-4.pdf

Chapter 3

3-1.pdf    3-2.pdf    3-3.pdf 3-4.pdf   

Chapter 4

4-1.pdf    4-2.pdf    4-3.pdf    4-4.pdf    4-5.pdf    4-6.pdf    4-7.pdf 4-8.pdf

Chapter 5

5-1.pdf    5-2.pdf    5-3.pdf    5-4.pdf 5-5.pdf   

Chapter 6

6-1.pdf    6-2.pdf    6-3.pdf    6-4.pdf    6-5.pdf   

6-6a.pdf    6-6b.pdf    6-7.pdf    6-8.pdf 6-9.pdf   

Chapter 7

7-1.pdf    7-2.pdf    7-3.pdf    7-4.pdf    7-5.pdf    7-6.pdf   

7-7.pdf    7-8.pdf    7-9.pdf    7-10.pdf    7-11.pdf    7-12.pdf    7-13.pdf    7-14.pdf   

Chapter 8

8-1.pdf    8-2.pdf    8-3.pdf    8-4.pdf    8-5.pdf    8-6.pdf   

8-7.pdf       8-8.pdf       8-9.pdf    8-10.pdf    8-11.pdf    8-12.pdf    8-13.pdf    8-14.pdf 8-15.pdf

Chapter 9

9-1.pdf    9-2.pdf    9-3.pdf    9-4.pdf    9-5.pdf

Chapter 10

10-1.pdf    10-2.pdf    10-3.pdf    10-4.pdf    10-5.pdf    10-6.pdf   

10-7.pdf    10-8.pdf    10-9.pdf    10-10.pdf    10-11.pdf    10-12.pdf   

Chapter 11

11-1.pdf    11-2.pdf    11-3.pdf    11-4.pdf    11-5.pdf    11-6.pdf    11-7.pdf    11-8.pdf    11-9.pdf    11-10.pdf

Chapter 12

12-1.pdf    12-2.pdf    12-3.pdf

Chapter 13

13-1.pdf    13-2.pdf    13-3a.pdf    13-3.pdf    13-4.pdf    13-5.pdf    13-6.pdf   

13-7.pdf    13-8.pdf    13-9.pdf    13-10.pdf    13-11.pdf    13-12.pdf    13-13.pdf