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Java with Object-Oriented and Generic Programming
By Paul S. Wang, Stow OH 44224
September 2008
ISBN 978-1-4276-3452-8

This comprehensive and in-depth textbook covers Java and object-oriented as well as generic programming for an upper-level undergraduate or beginning graduate course. This book is ideal for students who have some programming experience, who wish to really learn Java and OOP well.

The book is a revised and updated version of Java with Object-Oriented Programming (2nd edition), originally published by Thomson Learning. To reduce cost and make the material easily affordable, the text is available online in PDF format. You may purchase the entire book or individual chapters. The PDF files are easy to read and search on your computer where you can perform programming experiments immediately with the supplied example code package.


  • Excellent integration of OOP and Java
  • GUI and event-driven programming (Applets and Applications)
  • Java generics and generic programming approaches
  • Polymorphism and plug-compatible objects
  • The collections framework generic containers
  • Multithreading
  • Networking
  • Advanced topics: RMI, JNI, Reflection, Clipboards, Inter-applet communication, Security Manager
  • Object-oriented design basics
  • Example package and website

This site offers many valuable additions to the textbook. Please feel free to browse the updates, examples, and resources. Resources for instructors include hands-on experiments and PDF lecture notes.